FAQ's For Property Owner

Q: How do I get started working with TempD.

A: Easy. Send us a link of any property that you would like us to advertise to our network and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Who is typically renting these properties?

A: These properties are being rented by families that are being moved by their company or families that have been displaced due to a fire, flood or major construction to their house.

Q: How long do guests typically stay?

A: It really depends on how long the families company gives them to find a new home. It ranges between 30 - 90 and on average 60 days.

Q: Do I need to provide a furnished property?

A: No. If your home is not furnished we will furnish it for you. 

Q: How are you able to pay 40% more than I would typically earn on a rental

A: The Corporate Housing industry pays a premium for the flexibility of short term stays coupled with a high degree of quality

Q: What happens after I send you a link to my property?

A: We will get in touch with you over email and ask you a series of questions like when is it available, whats your minmum stay requirement (we dont do less than 30 days), and nightly price you are looking for. Depending on your property and whether it is furnished we will set expectations for you.


Q: What do you need from me, the property owner, if my property is rented?

A: We just need basic instructions on how to enter your property, wifi password, cable and appliances instructions (if necessary) and where you keep important stuff. We will also make sure you have certain appliances and/or amenities in place.


Q: Do I, the proeprty owner have to be on site? 

No. We will take care of everything. However, we will require someone to facilitate maintanence requests.

Q: Do I need to communicate with the guests?

A: No. We handle all guest communications.


Q: Do I get a deposit?

A: Yes. We will hold a deposit for you in the amount of 1 month rent in case there are any damages.

FAQ's For Suppliers

Q: How do we become a supplier for Tempd?

A: Easy. Give us a call and we will sign you up.

Q: How are you able to find such great homes?

A: That's are secret sauce. We have an expansive network across the US that allows us to facilitate 

Q: How do you ensure the qulaity of your properties?

A: Easy, we send out a team to inspect the property. If the property is not up to our standards we will first try to remedy the problem. If it is beyond fixing we will use an alternate location.